Membership Rates

Membership Rates




Individual (Malaysian) RM38,000
Leasehold, Transferable
(8 years instalment scheme – interest free)
Individual (Foreigner) RM45,000 Leasehold, Transferable
Corporate (1 nominee) RM45,000 Leasehold, Transferable
Corporate (2 nominees) RM80,000 Leasehold, Transferable
Social (Individual) RM6,000 Leasehold, Transferable
Social (Corporate) RM9,000 Leasehold, Transferable
Term Membership RM5,000 Non transferable, Convertible to Ordinary Membership


  • All categories of membership are subjected to a monthly subscription fee of RM98.15 except for Social Membership which is RM58.45
  • Membership is extended to family members (a spouse and children below 18 years old).
  • Application for membership will be subjected to a processing fee of RM200 only.
  • For membership for leasehold, the maturity date is on 06/12/2091.
  • The transfer fee for transferable membership is RM3,000.00

Contact Information:

Membership Department:

Jamilah bt Husin
Tel: 604 5782051